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Josh Maynard is a visual and ux designer in Colorado.

An outspoken advocate in making the web accessible for all, an active participant in the no-code movement with Webflow, and a fervent believer in the power of the 8px grid. Josh has spent the last 8 years building web experiences for many brands including @hellobello, @tonies.us, @givehanx, and @drseuss.

Currently directing user experience across all platforms at Brains on Fire.

I keep the process simple.
Be in cahoots every step of the way.


Collaborative Exploration

We call this the discovery phase. This is where we’ll talk through the ins and outs of your passion project. We’ll define goals, what success looks like, and develop a plan to move forward. 


Design and Development

Collaboration continues during this step as we jump into visual design to tell your story. This is where is we iterate, test, and design together some more. 


Launch and Continued Support

Whether were going live with a website we’ve built, uploading the first social media post, or sending out a new batch of products, this is where we share our partnership with the world.

We do these things with you.

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Read more about the inner workings of J. Maynard & Co. over at The Design Kids.

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